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15 Most successful Black entrepreneurs

15 Most successful Black entrepreneurs

This list of successful Black entrepreneurs is not in a specific order. We made the list based on their contributions, philanthropy, actions, and stories behind their success.                                                                                             ...

Women’s bodies have long been viewed as art evidenced in early sculptors, the Rembrandts, and da Vinci’s of the world. In this, our modern world, women and their beauty are portrayed everywhere in all formats and media? What is true beauty? How can one define the essence of beauty? It is time to find a way to look within and see, really see that the beauty is not to be judged in the camera lens or the reflective glass where we, as women so often harshly judge ourselves when we can see the beauty in every other woman regardless of shape, size, age or shade of skin.

Ever since mirror mirror on the wall
who is the fairest of them all
we have been comparing ourselves to others
falling prey to envy
and our own feelings of inadequacy
or fears of being too much

We are enough, just for breathing. Let’s stop judging our lips and hips asking if they are too plump or thin. Let’s accept our 1,001 body parts for the beautiful creation they are in putting us together so well that we can feed and nourish not only our young but the world around us with our visions, dreams, and actions. Diminishing ourselves detracts from our ability to change the world in humanity plus ways. We are beauty. Every woman is a new and true definition of beauty.

Writen by Rusti Lee

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