African jewelry for men, women, healing stretch bracelets- crown, onyx, jasper


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Handmade African jewelry for men, women, healing stretch bracelets.

Red Jasper, Onyx, and Obsidian Tribal Set. Red Japser is a protective stone like Onyx and Obsidian, but it is able to resonate with intense emotions to transend them into power. It works with dynamic energy housed at the base of the spine or at the root chakra within the body to keep it grounded. The root chakra controls ones sense of security and personal protection. Obsidian is formed from volcanic activity when magma cools to form glass. It has the ability to surface truth and dissapate stress/ tension. Paired with Onyx a stone for strength, these bracelets are all about providing support and stamina to the root chakra.

The bracelets (the set is 3 bracelets) features a gold studded crown coated with sensitive solution polish, Onyx beads (good for dispelling negative energy and for grounding anxiousness), wood beads  ( also good for grounding and for connecting with mother earth), and Garnet (great for root chakra work, provides inner peace and stability). This item may require 1-2 days for processing. Shipped with USPS First Class which is 1-3 day shipping.

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