AFRICAN MUSK (For Men) Perfume Oil Attar ~4 ml

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Concentrated Roll-On Perfume Oil Attar

by Sukran, 4 ml

Great clean musk fragrance warm and sensual

Like most good musk oils this wears close to the skin, and melds with the scent of your own skin to create something that’s truly addictive. 

Fresh, clean, slightly sweet and a bit floral, also.


Arabian perfume oils are not like western perfumes and they will change, up to 3 times on the skin, according to the chemistry of the wearer. You do not need too much, just a few drops will do and the fragrance will last for ages. 

If you apply the fragrance on your clothing, the scent will last throughout the day as it permeates into the fabric. 

Wearing these traditional oils will connect you to a calmer and more natural place while, at the same time, take you on a fantastically sensual journey back to the beginning into the traditional and cultural world of Arabian Perfumery – where it all started!

Although this listing is for a man’s fragrance, AFRICAN MUSK, is so deliciously divine it could also be a unisex perfume suitable for women.

This oil is highly concentrated and packaged in a 4ml size glass bottle with roll on applicator – refer photo – the bottle stands about 4cm or 2 inches in height

Just a little of this fragrance goes a long way – you just need one drop

It comes in a small and very handy sized 4 ml bottle with a roll on dispenser.

You can throw it in your bag, take it anywhere and never worry about the contents spilling.

It is 100% pure CONCENTRATED perfume oil and will not evaporate or deteriorate over time.

At this price, you will want to buy more to share it with your friends as a great gift!

Buy it – Try it – If you do not love this perfume I will give you your money back – 100% satisfaction guaranteed

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