Aromatherapy Fragrance Oils 4 Oz, for Candles Soaps and Diffusers.


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Sensual scents oils are
created with the highest components available and the best quality oils. Our
oils are 100% Made in the United States to bring you unparalleled quality and
the highest aromatherapy satisfaction.  

Our products are based
on the ancient practice of aromatherapy, utilizing scent to heal the body by
stimulating the olfactory, mental, circulatory and respiratory functions. These
oils can be used to relieve stress, excite the senses, heal, and soothe the
body and spirit. These scents are also suitable for the making of candles,
soaps, and skin & hair care formulations.

Other possible uses include:

-Body Wash and Shampoo

-Environmental Fragrance

-Air Freshener and

-Insect Repellent

-Detergent Additive

-Oil Lamps/ Heaters
House Fragrance

-Personal Fragrance

-And other countless

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