Grand bou bou African Mens pant set Dashiki Clothing 4Pcs Brocade Suit Plus size


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African brocade grand boubou 4 PCs pant suit. 100% brocade cotton in one size fit most. Hand made embroidery. Fit to 1X 2X 3X but please read the measurements in inches, does NOT come in M, L, XL, 1X, 2X, 3X.

Good for any heritage party, festival or black history month or Christmas gifts but you can wear from Christmas church party & wedding to any party, from lounging around to shopping around be comfortable yet stylish!.
Comes with Hat.

These are in brilliant beautiful Colour.
Measurements for one size most but please read measurements in inches.
Blouse/ Top:
Fits up to Chest/ Bust size:  27″/28″ across 54″/56″ around.
Length: 32″ to 34″
Drawstring Pant with one side Pocket:
Fits up to Waist: 27″ across 54″ around.
Length: 43″ to 45″
Chest/ Bust size: 49″ across 98″ around.
Length: 52″ to 54″