Men’s Womens Magnetic Hematite AFRICAN TURQUOISE Jewelry Bracelet Anklet 1-2 Row


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WE MAY NOT BE THE CHEAPEST, BUT WE ARE THE BEST! You get what you pay for! Your getting Super Strong, Highest Quality Magnetic Bracelets, Anklets and Necklaces. That are by FAR ABOVE THE REST. That’s why the customers looking for the highest strength in magnetic jewelry SHOP with MAPLE VALLEY MAGNETICJEWELRY.  Healing Circulation Super Strong all Magnetic


CLASP Gauss Rating: Single 8mm Clasp 9,800 Gauss. Double Clasp 8x12mm 10,000 Gauss.  

MAGNETIC HEMATITE: Gauss Rating: Each stone 3000 to 5000 gauss.

We string with 100# test line. Be cautious of other using metal or 50# test line, can break. 100# is by far the strongest, and by far the best! Our gauss is rated the highest available any where!

Magnetic therapy jewelry One row, Two row BRACELET / ANKLET with AFRICAN TURQUOISE and super strong Magnetic Hematite, AAA strength and quality. This Magnetic Hematite is made with the strongest magnet beads and a super strong single or double clasp. These beads are very high quality and have a beautiful shine. One row or Two Row BRACELETS / ANKLETS are 6.5″ up to 14″

Persons with pacemakers, defibrillators, insulin pumps should not use magnetic jewelry it could interfere with the performance of these devices. 

SHOP MADE IN AMERICA! MAPLE VALLEY MAGNETIC JEWELRY OF SURING, WI   Magnetic therapy has been around for centuries. It was known to have been used by healers in many countries like China, India, and Egypt to treat a variety of conditions.
One theory suggest that iron in our blood is affected by the magnets.
Another theory states that magnets stimulate the brain and affects the pineal gland.
Yet another theory is that ionization occurs in the blood after it passes through a magnetic field. The Schumann Resonance may have something to do with human responding positively to magnetic field therapy.
Magnetic’s do increase blood flow and reduces swelling therefore reduce pain!
All of our Magnetic Jewelry have the strongest Magnetic Clasp. Do not be fooled by cheaper lower quality magnetic jewelry or higher prices. At Maple Valley Magnetic Jewelry, Suring, WI, you will find the absolute finest quality therapeutic magnetic jewelry.
We sell the Strongest Magnetic Jewelry for those seeking less pain!
Besides being strong and therapeutic, We feel that looks are also very important. We do our best to make each piece as attractive as it is strong. THESE ARE THOSE REALLY STRONG MAGNETS” Our mission is to give our customers the highest quality at the best price!

It warms our hearts to get endless emails regarding the quality and strength of our products. Here is just one of the emails. 

Dear MapleValleyMagneticJewelry,
Advertise this! it’s a very nice looking necklace. Add that the stone is known for its help in reducing the effects of migraines and pain. There are a lot of people out there that believe in natural healing, looking for things like this. I know A Lot of people I’ve met over the years and I’ve that have been looking for natural healing help. If you have some business cards, send some to me. I will most definitely pass them on. 
Thanks, Steve

Hematite is used for grounding, protecting,
and healing the body. It’s known to harmonize the body, mind and spirit. It
boosts self-esteem, promotes boldness, confidence and willpower while soothing
the spirit. Hematite calms an overactive mind, and helps to relieve insomnia.
Hematite rids the body of negativity, prevents negative energy from entering
your aura, and promotes the flow of positive energy, peace, abundance and good
fortune. It soothes and assists in purification of the energies of our physical
and energetic circulatory system. It is the most widely used stone for
“grounding” and it is said to energize both the root chakra at the base of the
spine & the “Faith Star” below the feet. Effective when used as a shield or
to attract like-minded individuals. 

Dear Maple Valley Magnetic Jewelry;
My wife has experienced considerable relief from breast cancer after using your
products. I was so impressed that I have been using them for swelling and pain
relief in an ankle I shattered 25 years ago. I also have seen amazing results.
Thank You
Brent W.

These work so well for me that it reduced the swelling
in my ankle by 1/2′.  This is the first time in 23 years since shattering 
an ankle that I
haven’t had extreme pain after a 
day of hard work. I’m not sure why they work
but it’s no coincidence that the swelling went down 
and the pain went away after
I started wearing them 

SIZING          I realize many of us need some help on sizing. Here are some tips. Measure your wrist or ankle with a metal tape measure to get the exact measurement not loose not tight but exact. Order 1/2″ larger in size. Or email me your exact size of the measurement and I’ll help you. And remember for a necklace a 16″ is very small, go up on the sizing because the mm of the beads take up a tiny bit of the room. Happy shopping! Need help for sizing contact us. If you do order the wrong size just send it back with $4.00 and 

with a note as to the size you need, it’s that simple!