MORINGA SPICE. Hot Seasoning Mix. West African Spice.


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Moringa Powder mixed with 12 West African exotic and aromatic spices full of health benefits. Add to your food while cooking, as a rub, soups, and salads.

Moringa Revealed™ was born out of our interest and love for nourishing the body with food. Knowing that symptoms are results of nutrient deficiency, we are excited to learn about and share Moringa, the plant that contains the most nutrients, especially those nutrients
lacking in our daily diet.

Every human body needs nutrients and can benefit from Moringa . For this reason, we have relentless drive to seek and bring Moringa from farms in Africa in addition to buying from community moringa co-ops around the world. We have farms and partners in other continents where moringa grows. We urge everyone to start taking Moringa today in order to fight nutritional deficiency.

We can even custom make Moringa mix from different parts of Moringa to suite your nutritional need. Moringa can be added to any food.

We ask that you start taking moringa today. Go green with Moringa .
Make little changes because change is a process..

Scientific analysis shows that Moringa contains more then 500 beneficial biochemical activities, and, in developing countries, it has been used extensively in the fight against malnutrition.

In the United States, Moringa Revealed™ is in the right place at the right time. Consumers concerned with their health and well-being can now enjoy Moringa products from around the globe.

As one of the rare trees whose leaves can be eaten as vegetables, the Moringa’s nutrients as easily absorbed and no allergy has ever been reported. Most of the nutrients of the Moringa tree are in its dry leaves, which can be made into a powder that can be sprinkled on food to add essential nutrients to any dish.

Unlike synthetic vitamins, some “natural” multivitamins or even green powder supplement, the Moringa leaf is 100% natural. The leaves are delicious either raw or cooked, and nourish the body with a powerhouse of essential and even rare nutrients often lacking in our busy fast-food lifestyles.

LEAVES: The leaves can result in rapid improvements in energy and endurance, mental clarity, balancing blood sugar levels and hormones, lowering blood pressure, boosting the immune system, relieving constipation and skin problems, and improving eyesight.

SEEDS: Seeds can be used for their antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties to help relieve arthritis, rheumatism, gout, cramp and boils, or as a relaxant for epilepsy. The seeds can also be used for their aphrodisiac qualities.

FLOWERS: The flowers taste like mushrooms, and have been known to improve the flow and quality of mother’s milk when breast-feeding.

PODS: The pods are also called “drumsticks” and taste like asparagus. The raw peas inside are a tremendous source of fiber, iron, Vitamin C, and potassium, and are an aid to liver and spleen problems.

ROOTS: The roots, which taste like horseradish, can work as an anti-inflammatory and help relieve rheumatism and arthritic pains, and for cardiac and circulatory problems.

WOOD: The gum of the wood is astringent and can be used to help with asthma. The bark is a rubefacient remedy and also good for digestive health.

Pregnant Women: MoringaRevealed nourishes the mother-to-be with some of the most needed prenatal nutrients, including absorbable iron and calcium, which are often found to be deficient in pregnant women. In cases of a C-section, or any other surgery, Moringa Revealed™ Leaf Powder can help to heal the skin and reduce scar tissue.

Breast feeding women: Moringa Revealed™ Leaf Powder enhances lactation, and leaves nourish both mother and child.
From 6month-old infants to children and teenagers: When added to children’s food, Moringa Revealed™ products help to provide essential nutrients needed for childhood nourishment and healthy growth. Iron, zinc, iodine, Vitamin A, natural calcium and amino acid – the brain booster- are vital nutrients for child development and Moringa has them all. In addition, Moringa can decrease, even eliminate teenage acne in less than two weeks and help keep the skin clear with continious use. More good news for parents: Moringa can help children stay focused to achieve better grades.

Vegetarians: Moringa Revealed™ Leaf Powder is 100% pure and raw, and contains plant protein that can substitute for meat. There is more than 27% protein in 100 grams, and there have been no reported allergies associated with it, unlike some other meat substitutes.

Senior Citizens: Moringa Revealed™ increases energy, digestion, softens stool and aids in sleep.

Plants: Add Moringa Revealed™ Powder to your plants and see the difference.

MORINGA SPICE. Hot Seasoning Mix. West African Spice.
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