Original Royco Mchuzi Mix Beef Flavor Premium Product From Kenya Beef Flavor .


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200 Grams Beef Flavor

Royco Spicy Beef Flavor Seasoning Royco is a food spice that has been in the market for almost three decades and has been a true partner in the kitchen – transforming ordinary meals into finger licking ones. Royco is the trusted partner in the kitchen helping you add color, and enriching your meals so that the whole family can enjoy. It enhances the taste and aroma of your food transforming it into such an appetizing meal that your family cannot help asking for more. Royco can be used on different foods like meat, fish, chicken, eggs, spinach and traditional greens. You can even add Royco to flavor rice, potatoes and arrow roots. Royco is a blend of: Herbs & spices, cornstarch, salt and flavor, A very common spice used in Kenya, South Africa and all over Africa. The ideal complement for true spicy meat stew and pure true African flavor. Transforming ordinary meals into finger licking ones. Nigerian Dishes Ghanaian African. Add a burst of flavor to hearty warm stews and fill your home with rich aromas with ROYCO Stew Mix. The easy to dissolve stock is trusted to bring that home-made flavor to your meals and keep your family asking for more! It enhances the taste and the smell of your food making the food delicious.