Ostrich Leather Hide, African Violet Color (%100 Genuine Natural skin)


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ostrich leather

Our ostrich skin comes from the family-owned farm

All our ostriches feed with the best natural food in a very safe and friendly environment,

Our ostrich hide doesn’t have any harmful chemicals or dyed with harmful colors

All our ostrich skins thickness are1.2 mm

Suitable for any leather projects like;

Automobile interior, Furniture, clothing, saddles, motorcycle seats, Boots, Shoes, Belts,

Luggage, Handbag, Briefcases, and more

We try to carry more than 50 different colors

 we accept any custom and large quantity order

New Products are being added daily

Please contact us if you don’t see the colors you are looking for

All our price included free shipping & insurance

All our price included free 3 days domestic shipping & insurance require a signature at the delivery time

All our skins have 14 days return or exchange policy


Grade Information:

Grade 1: the center diamond area is free of defects

Grade 2: the center diamond area may have one or two defects

Grade 3: the center diamond area may have more than

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