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Love My Skin

Mica Colored Beautiful Sea Urchin Shaped

Glycerine Body & Face Soap 


Genuine Love My Skin Body and Face Soap is a very moisturizing soap that is detergent free (no SLS/SLES) and paraben free. Glycerine is noted for drawing moisture from the air into your skin. Our Body and Face Soap develops a thick, rich later that is very moisturizing and will leave your skin smooth and supple to the touch. This soap is great for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

You choose from our tropical and seaside great scent collection.

*PLEASE NOTE: You get to choose what mica color you want for your soap. Mica color soaps are beautiful. The mica in the soap, washes right off. The colors of the soap pictured are pink red blue,sapphire, pearl yellow, or true green. Please include a note with your order to let me know what color with which fragrance you want. If you do not pick a color, I will and it might not be a color that’s pictured. It will be a mica color though and it’ll be beautiful.

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Soap dimensions:3″ X  1″

Ingredients: Saponified Vegetable oils mainly Coconut Oil, Glycerine (kosher, of vegetable origin), Purified Water, Sorbitol (from berries, moisturizer), Sorbitan oleate (emulsifier), Soybean protein (conditioner), , Wheat Protein, Parfum (fragrance), and Color. 


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Fragrance Descriptions

Almost Paradise: Drift away to paradise with this dreamy aroma. Creamy coconut milk combined with peaches and fresh cream is a tantalizing treat for the senses.

Bay Breeze: The refreshing, clean smell of salty ocean air coming onto the coast.

Beach: This fragrance captures the essence of summer like no other fragrance; combining juicy mandarin, sand jasmine, and refreshing oceanic mist.  Compare to Bobbi Brown Beach. 

Beach Daisies: Blend of lemongrass, daisies, and gardenia.

Beach Walk: Refreshing salt water and sea musk warmed with sunny notes of tangerine and orange blossom.

Caribbean: This is a tropical paradise blend of coconut, fresh sliced pineapple, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

Coco Mango: This complex fragrance begins with fruity notes of mango, fresh strawberries, elderberries, and ripe papaya. This scent is completed with rich vanilla and toasted coconut with just a hint of soft musk.

Coconut: This scent is as refreshing as a ripe coconut on a desert island.

Exotic Coconut: Tropical Sexiness!  This fragrance begins with top notes of guava, pineapple and currants, followed by middle notes of toasted coconut and vanilla, and rounded-out with base notes of Tonka beans, sandalwood, and white musk.

Malibu Surf: Ocean and California Sunshine blend to create this delightful summertime fragrance; as sweet and fresh as an ocean breeze.

Mediterranean Sea Salt: Embrace the deep blue Mediterranean Sea and sail into its calming freshness with this outstanding and unique sea fragrance. Its salty, ozonic and aquatic notes combine with a very soft muguet floral undertone to take you on a magical voyage along the Mediterranean’s enchanting coast and its sparkling blue waters. Unlike other sea fragrances this one has no strong perfumey or overly floral notes, just pure calming “neutral” marine freshness.

Nautical Man: Crisp, invigorating blend of lemon, sage and lavender. Casual and refreshing.

Nantucket Island: Very clean! A fresh clean, amber light musk accord with subtle floral undertones of bergamot, rose and fresh greenery.

Ocean Breeze: Scrunch the sand between your toes on a sandy beach with the warm salty breeze from the ocean brushing past your face. Just the right combination of salty sea and fragrant foliage.

Oceania: A fresh, pleasant, unisex sea scent, for those ocean-scent-seekers wanting something neither too brisk nor too floral.

Ocean Mist: Complex bouquet of carnations, lily of the valley and hyacinth; underlined by oakmoss and white musk. Sellers note: All sexes like this one.

Oceans: a refreshing clean blend with subtle notes of citrus combined with floral notes of jasmine and lavender, with a background of musk and wood notes.

Ocean Shoreline: The definitive modern, unisex ocean scent — crisp, clean, and refreshing! Our Ocean Shoreline blend begins with notes of fresh sea-salt air, leading to a floral mid-section of freesia, jasmine, and lily. Deep green notes of moss and dry, driftwood-y notes of cedarwood round out the scent, giving it long-lasting depth.


Sailor Spice: This unmistakably masculine fragrance, reminiscent of the clean shaven sailor of the ’70’s commercials, the original was designed by the house of Shulton in 1937 and over the years it has been an enduring and endearing classic. No man, young or old would be without a bottle of Old Spice and we believe our version of it is exceptional. It is comprised of top notes of orange, sage & lemon that blends into carnation, geranium, cinnamon, jasmine and heliotrope. Finishing off this blend is vanilla, cedarwood, frankincense, tonka and musk.

Paradise Reef: Let’s get away and go deep-sea diving at Paradise Reef. A popular vacation get-away place, Paradise Reef is a sparkling fragrance with salt water and fresh air notes. This fragrance begins with notes of nectarine, bird of paradise and water lily; followed by middle notes of passionflower, orchid and hyacinth. A well-rounded fragrance empowered by fresh air and salt water notes.

Salty Mariner: This is a fragrance reminiscent of upscale living.  Salty marine notes and fresh rain mingle with lily of the valley, jasmine, leafy greens, pine and musk.  Experience the beautifully mastered essence of the thunder of waves crashing against the shore, the salty air in your face and the soft crunch of seashells beneath your feet. Imagine yourself at sea, with your face being lightly sprinkled with ocean spray. 

Salty Sea Air: Imagine a warm summer ocean breeze flowing through your hair while your toes are in the sand. With notes of crisp ozone, salty sea spray, seaweed, sun-weathered driftwood and a hint of water lily. Just listing the notes of this fragrance oil doesn’t do it justice – you have to smell it and use it to appreciate it.

Sea Glass: The fresh clean scent of sea water, fresh air, sparkling citrus and soft woods.

Sea Breeze: A fresh ozonic, breezy top note is blended with floral notes of lily of the valley, rose and jasmine. Subtle splashes of citrus and cooling minty greens compliment this invigorating blend.

Sea Salt & Lotus Blossoms: This is the scent of fresh air, sea salt, ocean mist and aquatic florals which come together to create a sexy, modern twist on this fresh & clean fragrance, complete with tender green notes and beachy musks.


Sea Salt & Watermelon: Think of a hot summer day. You’re on the beach, eating a cold, juicy watermelon. You smell the watermelon and the salty sea air.


Seaside Cotton: This fragrance begins with fresh ozony marine notes which blend nicely with romantic base notes of sheer musk and amber.

Sea Spice:  A masculine ocean scent sure to please anyone who likes the straightforwardness of fragrances like Bay Rum or Spicy Lime. Fresh top notes of ozone (“fresh air”) and citrus lead to a strong middle of sea kelp, champagne, and salty air. This shore essence is completed with soft notes of driftwood, musk, and just a hint of Indonesian clove oil. BOTTOM LINE: Rugged and smelling of salt air


Sea Spray: A crisp refreshing ocean scent with a hint of lavender and fresh herbal notes.


Sun & Sand: This fragrance is an ozony blend of florals and citrus, combining white flowers, bergamot, orange blossoms, ylang ylang, muguet lily and a light musk base.

Tradewinds Spice: Your sailing around Islands in the Pacific and from the warm ocean breeze you can smell a multitude of all the lovely warm spicy scents coming from the Islands.

Tropical Blast:  Fresh tropical combination of pineapples, mango, papaya, coconut, and wild watermelon.

Yacht Club: Want to go yacht sailing on the ocean on a mid summer morning?   This fragrance oil is reminiscent of upscale living with salty marine notes and fresh rain, with just a hint of fresh strawberry and kiwi to provide this scent with a well-rounded presentation.

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