Tuareg Necklace Amulet Tribal Jewelry Handcrafted Traditional black beads style


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A Hand Etched Pendant. Necklace from the Tuareg tribe, Nomads of the Sahara.
Traditional totemic motifs, geometrical engraving from the Berber people, the Tuareg/Touareg tribe. Collected in the Sahara desert in West Africa where it was made and traded.

Made from a traditional Tuareg mix of Bronze, Copper and Silver.
Tuareg black beads and metal mix tube beads. It has a claw and loop clasp.

Tuareg artisans are nomads of the Sahara desert who use old and simple tools, using traditional tribal techniques and classic designs. Also called “Touareg Tribe” or the “Blue people” as they wear beautiful indigo fabric’s and it can be seen in their leather work.
Etchings and lines inscribed on pieces can represent a journey and the desert, sand dunes , a river. Crosses are directional and represent the four corners of the desert. 

Unusual gift for someone especially that each piece is individually made. 

Necklace approx. length 10 inches / 26 cm Choker length. Pendant is 2.25” long.

Handmade items come with imperfections that add to the charm.
please examine accompanying photographs carefully and enlarge to clearly view details.

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